April 17, 2013

Musikmesse 2013 — Reloop RMX-80 Mixer

When Samsung finally came out with their latest phone design, the S3, Apple hated it and the rest of the community loved it.  Their design was actually very close to the slim and minimal iPhone that Apple had been selling for a long time.  To the average consumer, it would seem like many companies get their cues from each other and knock each other off all the time – but behind closed doors there were lawsuits left and right.  Each took each other to court and ended up making large sums of money (perhaps they broke even in the end).  Does this type of behavior happen between DJ gear makers and their designs?

It makes me wonder.  I see Pioneer as the Apple of the DJ industry; no matter how much you dislike them, it’s hard to ignore the beauty of their products.  They are so beautiful that many other companies use them as a starting point to market their own gear.  The latest Reloop mixer, the RMX-80, look strikingly similar to Pioneer’s DJM-800.  This spells bad news because not only does it look the part, it acts the part, and does so at a cheaper price.  Once again – it is something great for DJs, but not so great for Pioneer.