April 18, 2013

Musikmesse 2013: Mum & Baby On The Decks

When we think about DJing and those who are involved in the industry, we tend to assume that it is the younger audience who is doing all of the work and making all of the moves.  That may have been true during the infancy of DJing, but it cannot be true today.  In fact, many of the men and women who pioneered the industry are still around and aren’t hampered by their older age (this isn’t a contact sport anyways).  They may very well be the most experience and most versed DJs in the industry – but you have to consider their personal lives as well.

Although they spend time behind the decks, many of these DJs have families and mouths to feed like the rest of us.  Their kids might be growing up with parents as DJs, and as a result, these kids have a better shot at understanding what it takes to DJ as a career, or at least a lifelong hobby.  Much like families that have groomed their sons to become professional racecar drivers or basketball players, you should expect to see scores of younger DJs picking up where their parents left off.  Perhaps it will stay in the family.