April 18, 2013

Musikmesse 2013: Magma Root DJ Bags

We just talked about a new DJ back that was introduced at a local trade show on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean; of course only having one bag to show off would not be good enough.  While many objects that can be used for DJing are one size fits all, most are better off when they come in various configurations.  You shalt not be left with only one way to store your gear, especially since no two DJs have the exact same gear at any given time.  A backpack offers many advantages over a standard bag, since it fits on your back and can be carried without needing your hands.  Hell, you can even leave it on when you’re behind the decks.

Another thing that makes the backpack an ideal solution is that it has the power to expand outward, instead of upward.  Carrying turntables around in a coffin is one of the hardest parts of a DJ’s night, as many will attest to.  It feel like carrying around a coffin with a small person inside of it – so now that MIDI controllers have literally take the weight off our backs, they deserve their own traveling and security solutions.