April 18, 2013

Softube Intros Console 1 Hardware + Software Music Mixing Solution

There are plenty of ways to use both hardware and software in tandem, and much of what is possible has already been explored.  Take the DVS for example; this relies mostly on the hardware side of things – using traditional analog instruments to control a digital signal.  One step above that is using purely digital renderings and digital gear.  This means that a program or a piece of software has the power to be run completely on its own, without the need for hardware, but hardware can of course be added if the user feels the need for it.  Ableton is a good example of this setup.

There are also alternatives that don’t actually use either idea separately, but instead use a mix of both.  By mix, I mean that it cannot be run completely on hardware or software alone.  A mixing solution brought to you by Softube includes a mixing board that contains only knobs, faders, and buttons – while all of the output is actually directed to you on screen.  Some may say that this type of configuration lacks redundancy (which is preferred), but others might view this solution as superior since neither the hardware or software can be used by itself.