April 18, 2013

QuNeo Performance Techniques

It has been quite a while since the QuNeo made its first debut from its very own kickstarter campaign.  While at the most basic level it is only a controller (and there are many of them out there), it did have the advantage of being somewhat modular and the ability for each user to set it up the way they like.  Since then, Keith McMillen has kept on, producing a slew of gear; trying to keep up his reputation for creating “next level” gear – and for the most part he has done so.  His next creations featured control voltage output as well as many expressive and gesture features that are being integrated into the newest types of mixers today.

So, does of this new gear to drool over make us forget about the humble QuNeo that started it all?  Have users actually embraced the QuNeo in the ways that they said they would?  This short video reveals that indeed, the QuNeo has found many uses – and these are uses that surpass the needs of a DJ.  The QuNeo has actually become somewhat of an instrument in its own right as you can see users banging out drum riffs as well as intelligent piano scores.