April 18, 2013

GestureControl For Leap – Geco

A gesture controller is something we think would be a great idea, but in practice it is quite a bit harder to use.  It is even more complicated to understand.  There aren’t very many good comparisons that can be made about it but probably the most realistic one that can be made is akin to a video game controller.  I’m not talking about the accelerometers inside of your Nintendo Wii remotes (although those are also being used in MIDI control), but rather, the sensors that are able to detect their position in the air.  Many will note that while these can be accurate for playing certain types of games on the Wii, they are far from precise.

Perhaps the imprecision is just as motivating as its accuracy.  If you are going to play a note or tap out a beat, a physical key or button is a better option – but for tweaking a note by adding effects or changing the pitch ever so slightly, a gesture control may be right up you alley.  The Geco gesture controller makes use of a small sensor along with a MIDI controller.  When controlled with an internal computer program it makes for some good effects.