April 18, 2013

Waldorf Nave iPad Synthesizer First Look

The beauty of being a software engineer or programmer is that changes can be made instantly, and the results can be seen quickly.  For the guys that make mixers and other pieces of musical hardware, the results are much slower.  There is also the problem of physicality – each part must work together and obey the laws of physics.  Also, it must be able to fit inside of a box.  This is why there are much more developers out there creating software and far less of them producing hardware.  Creating hardware not only takes the knowledge and ability, it also takes assets and materials.  Programmers simply need a computer and loads of time.

On the flipside, hardware developers do a better job of showcasing their gear, after all, it is something that can be seen and touched.  The item will typically speak for itself and it will sell itself to our wandering eyes.  When a programmer tries to create a video showcase for their software it can be a hit or miss ordeal.  Either they fail to show off what the program really does, or they themselves do a horrible job of selling it to us as a potential buyer.