April 18, 2013

Korg M01D Puts A Korg M1 On Your Nintendo 3DS

There are plenty of mediums and machines that can be use as an instrument; and this is something that is not limited to computers and computer programs.  Some of the oldest electronic instruments simply created sound by messing with electricity and sending it through all sorts of devices.  Tack on a few years to that and developers were finding ways to shrink the size or components that were available to them at the time; but still, they were fairly basic and large.  Today, we expect to see devices designed for a computer and almost always check for that option before we consider the standalone option – it just makes more sense.

Between tablets, laptops, and computers, there are a slew of ways we can send and receive information in the ultimate goal of creating good sound.  Many have taken cues from gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii, but few have actually used it as a platform itself to create music.  A developer recently found a way to run a music making program on a Nintendo 3DS, completely eliminating the need to boot up an operating system.  It’s cute and probably worthless to any real musician, but it might offer a starting point for those who want to poke around.