April 18, 2013

Polk Audio LSiM703 Bookshelf Speaker

Many speaker manufacturers take the time to get a feel for the various markets and niches they represent.  Large loudspeakers are in demand by everyone from DJs to speakers – but they obviously serve a different purpose than a pair of standard bookshelf monitors or reference speakers.  Because of this, their research and development teams must learn what each user likes and tailor suit their products to fit that need.  This is part of the reason why the companies that are large tend to spread their wings out horizontally, rather than vertically.  It doesn’t make sense to cater only to a specific crowd while ignoring the rest.

Polk Audio is not a company that many DJs would traditionally flock to, but they do have a large following for tower speakers as well as car audio.  Since we cannot afford a pair of speakers for every situation – sometimes it’s best if find multiple purposes for one set of speakers, and this is perhaps done the best when using home theater speakers for audio as well.  Tower speakers can readily handle the types of audio that we listen to, so there is no reason why an alternate set of speakers needs to be obtained.