April 18, 2013

2 DJ Tech Trends To Watch

It seems that the method that DJs use to put on a show is no longer the center of their performances.  When DJs were limited to a sparse amount of gear, say a couple of turntables, a mixer, and some records – it required them to be very creative as well as technically competent in order to pull off a successful routine.  Even if you had some good ideas that you wanted to show off, execution was more important, and few were prepared to take these risks on stage.  With the advent of computer aided DJing, the risks have become lessened and annoyances that used to exist – like skipping a need on the record from scratching, no longer exist.

This shift in culture has also changed the way we view performances.  We are at the point where no two DJs have the same amount or type of gear, so the audience really has no clue what to expect of them; and because of this they are judged by the output rather than the method.  I see this as a small step towards the exclusionary ways of older DJs, and the field is now leveled for those who aren’t as technically adept.