April 18, 2013

Serato DJ On Limited Sale At $99

Did Serato make the wise choice to port their software over to the many MIDI controllers and setups that currently exist?  Or did they spread themselves too thin among the many other alternatives the DJs now have to spin digitally?  If you need a good example, just take a look at the TTM-57SL.  It’s a beauty for sure, but it also can do things that no other mixer coupled with no other DVS can do.  It makes use of some pretty fancy joysticks to navigate around Serato.  Many DJs understood the benefits of having these controls so close to your mixer and thus opted for it instead of something from Pioneer or Vestax.

Now that Serato DJ has been ported to many other MIDI controllers, the air of superiority has been somewhat eliminated.  Serato used to be only for the hardcore turntablists but it is now an option for purely controller based DJing as well.  They recently had a sale for their Serato DJ package at an astounding one hundred dollars.  Although the price is low, it is so low that it makes you wonder if it is worth the buy at all.  This might cause DJs to look at the alternative instead.