April 18, 2013

Musikmesse 2013: Best Of The Rest

As in any type of trade show, you have the favorites who are expected to show off something new and exciting, while the little guys have nothing to lose by showing off their latest innovations as well.  It is a chance for the little guys to draw interest and make a name for them, while the top dogs have to defend their territory from outsiders.  At a well known trade show in the UK, there wasn’t much in the field of innovation but rather, there were some decently priced products offered by the not so well known guys.  The stuff they produced was actually on par with the quality we’ve seen from the big guys as well.

The honorable mentions should go to the companies who tried something different, instead of filling the need for another MIDI controller with spinning jog wheels.  We are getting tired of seeing too many copies of the same thing around anyways.  One cool item was the UDG laptop stand.  UDG is not known for making laptop stands, since they make backpacks and other luggage type gear – but their stand offers a few innovations that rival that of the Crane stand makers.