April 19, 2013

Numark iDJ Flex Controller

We are seeing more and more products created specifically with the iPad in mind.  In fact, if you see a product that uses a certified Apple 30-pin connector or lightening connector attached to the unit itself that you know that it is an Apple approved product.  Rarely does Apple undergo the task of producing aftermarket products that are anything more than a power or information cable; perhaps they are aware that tons of aftermarket companies have already spent their hard earned cash creating designs and copies of their products.  But if you do happen to see a DJ product that uses a 30-pin connector already attached to the device, you can be sure that it is apple certified (at least we hope so).  Odds are that it will be stamped with some sort of Apple approved label as well.

Numark has a slew of products aimed at the iPad and laptop users, mainly their Mixtrack series of mixers.  These come in almost any configuration you like, and while some of them are fully loaded with a mixer with appropriate knobs, some of them are completely sparse lacking the main components needed to even use the device.  The newest iDJ Flex allows both iPad nad laptops to be situated to the device.