April 19, 2013

Spark Digital Microphone

One of the components that DJs omit from their setup is a good recording microphone.  Those who spend their time recording vocals have no issue with this, but some DJs may only pack a stage microphone for the occasion blast over the speakers.  For general purposes, a workhorse mic like the Shure SM58 is as good as it gets.  These un boosted mics come ready to take damage, and take damage they will.  I’ve encountered many mics with distorted heads and discoloration – yet these mics work perfectly fine even after tons of abuse.  The same cannot be said for professional recording mics and condenser mics – these really need to be taken care of.

It’s no wonder that to buy a decent condenser microphone you will likely spend more than a few hundred dollars.  These pieces of gear are very sensitive and simply dropping them on the floor can rattle their components.  The Blue Spark Digital Microphone looks to change the way we look at recording microphones.  For one, it’s low cost – but it also uses a digital connection rather than an analog one.  While I may be a bit wary about its quality, there are many out there who are looking for a mic in this price range.