April 19, 2013

Stanton ST.150 & STR8-150 Gets New Cartridges

If you’re one of the few select DJs who are actually in the market for a clean turntable, you probably don’t need a lesson on what to look for and what to avoid.  Those who know the game of turntablism usually aren’t clueless as to what they need and what is garbage.  The same cannot be readily said for DJs who are starting out with laptops and controllers.  The ones in that category have much more to sift through and will have a harder time narrowing down their choices.  As soon as that controller is purchased, they may realize that it is not what they want – or something new has just appeared on the market.

Turntables are a different story.  These things are built to last, and rarely does a DJ decide that the turntable is not right for him because after all, it is just a turntable.  The only things that may differ are the pitch settings, the torque of the motor, and perhaps the system used to hold the tonearm in place.  Stanton may be doing better now that Technics has stopped producing their 1200’s.  They even have the benefit of a higher torque motor, and now they’ve updated their needles and carts.