April 19, 2013

Even More New Traktor Remix Sets Released

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest products in the MIDI department, Native Instruments usually has the best selection to sort through.  It’s not because their products are built in Germany either, but it has to do with the fact that they’ve developed these products with software in mind as well.  While some controllers are useless on their own, most of the NI controllers you use were designed to use with some variant of Traktor; some even have music libraries and instrument racks included with them.  The one downside to NI is that newer products may cost you a pretty penny as well.  They might only be a midi controller, but the design and workflow has been well thought out as well.

The Kontrol F1 is not a cheap purchase and will rival that of a DVS like Serato itself.  At first glance it may not seem like you are getting much since it is just a 16 pad controller – but the real beauty is in the aftermarket support.  There are many remix sets and other types of preloaded samples that can be had with little work at all.  It may cheapen the value of creating your own samples for some, but many will appreciate it.