April 19, 2013

New Movie, LFO, Explores The Dark Side Of Synthesis

Music is something that is heard through the ear, but in reality it something that is felt.  Let me explain.  When we hear a song for the first time, our minds are always looking for ways to analyze what it is hearing.  Some sounds immediately make us react as if we were scared or worried, while others seem to hypnotize us into a trance.  Our brains are programmed to expect certain sounds in a song and reject others.  This is noticeable if you have listened to a lot of music – but it is far from noticeable on the mathematical level; and even harder to put that type of thinking into numbers.

Truth be told, music can be deadly just as it can be therapeutic.  Many experiments have been undertaken into the dark side of music; some of them resulting in agony and pain for the listeners.  A famous experiment involving sound was even deemed as a weapon of mass destruction and therefore never to be explored again.  Still, just because this knowledge is suppressed does not stop it from existing.  Music in the wrong hands and knowledge of music can be used in devious ways, it can even harm.