April 19, 2013

SampleTank For iOS Adds AudioBus

There are so many app available for the iPad, in terms of music making, that just finding a good one can be an annoying task.  Too often, an app is made for the iPad that works for the most part, except for a few issues here or there.  It wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that some developers don’t feel like going back through their programs and fixing their mistakes.  This is a common occurrence especially the developers are basically amateurs without a staff of dedicated crew; the one man show has its consequences.  Apps that cost a relatively high amount, let’s say above the twenty dollar range are usually worth the value since the team behind its development employs many people.

Finding the right app is one thing, but since there are so many that claim to do the same things – it’s very hard to narrow it down to the right one.  Instead of looking app itself, look at the guys who developed it.  Pay attention to the track record of that company and it will clue you in as to whether or not they take care of their users on the other side of the fence.