April 20, 2013

Voxengo Intros Shinechilla Harmonic

One effect that guitarists are fond of is using their effect pedals to create harmonies.  This gives off the impression that there are actually two guitarists playing in perfect synchrony.  This trick works well for guitarist using an amp, because it is harder to pick out the faked signal underneath an already distorted signal.  The same can be done with singers, but to a lesser effect, since digital signals can definitely become recognized.  It’s sort of what autotune does to the human voice – and it is easy to overdo it if you are not careful.  DJs could take a lesson in harmonization or music theory, since most of them only rely on tools like the Camelot wheel or Mixed In Key to get around.

Actually creating harmonies from scratch is somewhat challenging, even for the intermediate musician; and not every DJ was a musician before they picked up the decks.  The ability to create your own samples and tracks that make use of harmony is what will turn a repetitive DJ into an original one, but once again you will need some tools to do this.  Shinechilla is not the greatest name for this app – but if it does what it says it will it might be a useful tool.