April 21, 2013

Pi L Squared Synth

The shrinking of technology is actually quite an incredible thing.  Just take a look at an old cassette player or an old VCR and compare those internals to that of something real simple, like the inside of a calculator or portable CD players.  They both make use of printed circuit boards and they both have chips and other sorts of devices soldered to them.  The only difference is that in one of them those little soldier points are extremely tiny and closer together.  If you take a look at an older mixer like the Tascam XS-8 series and compare it to the internals of a Rane 62 you’ll see the same phenomenon going on here too.  They basically use the same parts, only smaller and more compact.

Synthesizers have been doing the same thing and to the same effect; they can cram more information into one little device, making it more portable and easier to carry around as well.  The USB drive is another good example.  Remember when the most these could carry was sixteen megabytes?  Now, a drive even smaller than that, about the size of a dime, can carry up to thirty two gigabytes.  That’s amazing when you consider how small they were to begin with.