April 21, 2013

“Top Billin” Midi Fighter Spectra Design Contest Winners

These days, the way your gear looks is just as important as how it performs.  In fact, some will purchase controller A over controller B, simply because controller A looks cooler, or perhaps it comes in a color that controller B does not come in.  Manufacturers are well aware of this too, and the color that they produce is always a considered before a product is released.  Sometimes, they even hold back on giving color options, only to re-release the same product in a hard to get color like white, red, or blue.  Even if you cannot buy something in the color you want – that doesn’t mean that you can’t have the color you want.

If you own a Technics 1200 turntable, you only get two choices in color: silver, or black.  Since the time they were first released amateurs were finding ways to customize their decks – and it goes far beyond using stickers to say that it is truly your deck.  Customizing has been the norm and it adds a bit of class to your setup.  Even MIDI fighters can be customized with personal designs and logos to help it stand out from the basic 16 button MIDI controller.