April 21, 2013

This Is Not The Next Midi Fighter

Creating the controller of your dreams is not like a dream of the impossible, like winning the lottery.  This is especially true for MIDI controller as they have become more customizable and modular than they ever were before.  Keith McMillen’s QuNeo was just a baby step in showing that controllers could be produced with the users input rather than the designer’s.  Today, even if you don’t design it yourself, there is likely a controller built to suit your needs.  Behringer has an entire line of controllers that share the same spatial footprint, yet their button layouts are all slightly different from each other.  This really gives users the options to create what it is they need.

If that isn’t enough for you – you can submit a design for your own idea, literally.  DJ Techtools is looking for user submissions of what they think a controller should look like.  It also isn’t beyond the realm of possibilities to completely fabricate it on your own either.  Three dimensional printing has gotten pretty advanced, and if you have the right set of skills and knowledge you can attempt to design the entire process without actually having one of the big guys do it for you.