April 24, 2013

Pioneer DJM-2000nexus New Feature Walkthrough

Touch screen effects have been a real hit and miss subject for controller, mixer, and deck makers.  On one hand, we like the idea of having the effects panel so close to our fingers.  The difference between having an effect button at your fingertips and an effect panel a foot away from your hand is phenomenal.  Some effects are trigger so quickly that it might even be better to use a footswitch instead of a much needed finger.  The problem with making a touch screen panel is judging how sensitive it should be and how much abuse it will take.  Those two qualities have their own little inversely proportional relationship to overcome.

I think Pioneer may have gotten it right, and stepped it up from the days of the Pioneer DJM-909.  The lighting in these screens are much better than the sad matrix lighting of the old days, and with capacitive technologies, they rely on sensing the finger rather than the pressure itself, meaning the screen can be built tough.  The only problem here is ultimately the cost.  Coming from Pioneer, you can expect to pay a Pioneer price.  Still, if you want a top of the line mixer that does it all you’re going to pay out the nose anyways.