April 24, 2013

FL Studio 11 Touchscreen Performance

Ok, so touch technology has its ups and downs.  There are facets of music making where it does very well, such as two dimensional effect panels and perhaps small screen triggered actions from a phone.  At what point does the touch technology become a gimmick rather than an asset?  Obviously for the small and compact there is a good reason why the touch screen is there.  Eliminating a keyboard is a big bonus for those who don’t use it in their performances.  Being able to slide the fingers on a screen is something that a keyboard cannot do.  Being able to pinch fingers together or other types of gesturing is vital for small applications.

Once you have enough space and a large enough screen is the elimination of the mouse and keyboard all that necessary?  Or is it just for good looks?  The Lenovo big screen computer that has been seen many times before has made its way into the homes of producers who want to add some ease to their production setting.  Now that FL Studio has touch screen support there are producers who want to take advantage of it, especially in a live setting.  Perhaps they should work on their showmanship first.