April 24, 2013

Novation Launchkey Controlling Novation iPad Apps

The iPad has some interesting purposes.  For one, it was never designed to be an active device; it was designed to be something of a passive one.  It was meant for reading books, playing silly games, and watching youtube videos.  Of course nobody was happy with just using it for its intended purpose, after all it is a computer right?  The question is, what role should it play when attached to other types of gear?  Should it be a screen that only offers visual cues from other devices that are directing it?  Should it take the place of a physical instrument like a keyboard or controller?  Should it have the ability to do both whenever it wants?

What is interesting is when the iPad makes use of a piece of software that also emulates the same piece of hardware.  If that doesn’t make sense, that’s ok – it shouldn’t.  It seems backwards to use the iPad as a screen and a controller as the hardware that emulates that screen, since we’re trying to get rid of hardware in the first place right?  Nevertheless, Novation’s Launchkey application is a pretty right unit and many are awaiting the release of the hardware to suit the software.