April 24, 2013

In The Studio With Chromeo

I feel as if there will always be a demand for some type of 80’s music.  Much like classic rock, it is a timeless piece of musical history that will be on the radio for years to come.  There are many bands out there that mimic music of that era, and many of them do it as paid musicians.  You’ve seen them.  The cover bands that wear Devo red hats and can play the top 100 songs from the 1980’s.  However, there are few acts out there that are creating original music of that style, today.  Chromeo is perhaps one of the more well known bands, who has as interesting of a personal history as they do a musical one.

Their style is quite simple and their gear has been collected from bits and pieces produced over the span of thirty or forty years.  What is even more interesting about their production setting is that much of what they create is done using what we consider to be old technology.  Their sequencers are relics from an old age, but since they are so accustomed to using them they haven’t had a thought of bring up some new technology like Ableton or anything more powerful.  Simplicity is their motto.