April 24, 2013

Tech gear of the month: review round-up (March 2013)

Music Radar is a unique website in that they post reviews, guides, and tips regarding all sorts of music equipment.  While most websites will keep their focus on something narrowing, like DJ gear only – Music Radar actually compiles data from more traditional music as well as newer tech and computer related items.  Every month or so they do a small roundup of the gear they think has made an impression on them, and DJ gear usually makes it in that roundup.  I would guess to say that music and DJ gear specifically is produced at a higher rate that almost any other type of gear used in production, except for software which is constantly being updated.

The Traktor Z2 got an honorable mention, and it deserves to be noted again.  Native Instruments was actually able to make a mixer that catered to every sort of DJ crowd, rather than just EDM lovers or scratch artists.  The mixer itself takes the 10”, two channel form, which is a respectable trade off.  The best part is that it can act as a mixer, even without the computer.  This is one of its biggest selling points – and to top it all off, none of the faders were overlooked either.