April 28, 2013

Record Store Day and the timeless magic of vinyl

If you have a rather large collection of compact discs laying around – you might think that these are worth a hefty sum, but the odds are that you won’t get back ten cents on the dollar if you decide to sell your collection.  The problem is not what the discs contain; the problem is that the format is outdated and does not stand a chance compared to other digital formats that are much more easily manipulated.  Mp3s can be bought, stored, moved, and copied within seconds.  Burning a CD is somewhat of an arduous task, even though it is still lightning fast when compared to recording a cassette tape.

This is why vinyl records still have a value where CDs do not.

The record can even be partially destroyed; perhaps it is wobbly and deformed – there is still a market for it and it can be worked with.  A scratched CD is just a gigantic mess in comparison.  Vinyl records each have their own personalities that DJs have come to know.  We know that this record doesn’t like to be spun, or that this other record is much thicker than the one next to it.  Needless to say, vinyl certainly has outlasted many other formats.