April 28, 2013

Reloop Jockey 3 Remix Traktor Controller

Both Serato and Traktor will benefit in the long run, even if competitor are trying to copy their hardware designs for controllers and digital decks.  You see, even if a company such as Reloop makes a better digital deck than Native Instruments, the user will ultimately be searching for a good DVS to use it on.  Traktor is likely to receive the benefit of the doubt from the novice DJ.  On the other hand, many will see the aftermarket attempts as a less skillfully built controller, made by people who do not have as much experience using the software itself.

It is a gentle push and pull dilemma which will pull potentials towards either side of the bargain wheel.  Reloop may be an even bigger problem that one might expect, since they not only create MIDI controllers and decks, they also have their own DVS program to boot.  They stand a chance at knocking off the big two (Serato, Traktor) when the time comes around.  The only true predictor will be the longevity of their gear.  If it is ever found that their gear is simply not up to par, or that it is shoddy and unserviceable then they might have hell to pay for it.