April 28, 2013

DJ Player v6 for iPad & iPhone

The Numark iDJ pro is one of those rare gems that comes along from a company who is not known to push out instant winners all the time.  Let’s face it – Numark has a lot of products on the shelves these days.  Much of these are hit and miss products and have such a low production value that they can afford to lose a small profit here and there by testing the waters to see what works.  This strategy is different from someone like Pioneer who seems to only make products that sell well – but they’re expensive.  When Numark makes something that the people like, they capitalize on it and push even further into its research.

The iDJ pro is one of the few that actually has a unique design; the iPad is incorporated into the mixer itself, meaning no laptop stands or other makeshift crutches to hold the screen down while you mix.  It is conveniently located smack dab in the middle of the entire setup.  Not bad if you ask me.  Now that the DVS with an external soundcard is becoming something of the past this may in fact be the most compact one piece system that any DJ can get their hands on.