April 28, 2013

American Audio ETR-1000 Headphones

American Audio isn’t the first company that comes to your head when you think of DJ devices and DJ products.  They do happen to have a wide range of gear that touches everything from lighting to digital decks – but they don’t have a real foothold over the market when it comes to mixers or headphones.  Still, they have items that have been brought to market, and like any other gear company, they seek to improve where they have left off.  Their ETR-100 headphones do not have any sort of unique design that we haven’t seen before – but this is something to be noted.

They share the shape and design of the older Sony series headphones, with swiveling cups and a rather thick head/neck band.  Drivers are large on this over the ear setup and it looks to be built with overall comfort in mind.  While they aren’t exactly lightweight looking, they do seem to have a rather beefy built as to help satiate the visual need of for quality and sturdiness.  These cans were modeled after DJ Etronik, who has been making the rounds in the USA DMC competitions.  Another pair of cans named after a DJ?  Say it ain’t so!