April 28, 2013

The Electro-Music emSynth

Does there come a point where instruments and other devices are far too shrunk down to be of any real importance?  We tried this with cell phones – do you remember when they got to the size where you couldn’t even press a key on the pad without hitting a bunch of extra numbers?  Look at phones today, there are getting bigger.  They might slimmer than ever but they are certainly wider than normal.  Maybe it is because we’ve figured out that we need the make use of the space we have, while somehow keep things on the small side.

Synthesizers have gotten even smaller as well, but they have still retained their thickness so that they can’t be split in half on accident.  Modern digital synthesizers are different story.  Some of these devices are no bigger than a USB stick and will likely be built into tiny devices in the future.  Naturally, not all will take a liking to these devices.  They seem to really detract from the idea of the antiquated synthesizer that we picture in our heads.  Pricing for these little modules will expectedly be cheap as well – that will make the poorer of us (like me) pretty happy.