April 28, 2013

Brett Domino Trio – Purple Rain

There are some pretty silly instruments out there.  Even the ones that are based off a tried and true instrument like the piano can still be a laugh just to look at, let alone play or purchase.  Some instruments are only around because they are relics of our forgotten history – or maybe they are just staples of a bad time in musical history.  You see – even older devices that were innovative like the turntable or the theremin will still be around, and that is because they are truly originals.  There is nothing else like it except for the copied designs that were produced later.

When you have something like the Keytar, which takes elements from both the rock guitar and the keyboard – these really want to make you laugh inside.  Perhaps it is just the way they are shaped.  They don’t share any of the cool symmetry that most of these instruments have; instead they look lopsided with a pointy head and a fat back.  The era for this type of instrument is long gone, but they DO retain a cultural value for any kid who was raised on the tip end of the 80’s or perhaps when James Brown was still King.