April 28, 2013

Geco Promises Music Applications for Leap Motion

Whenever a person tries to create a new form of communication the challenges are very apparent right off the bat.  Think of a conductor telling what the orchestra to do.  For those who know little about their responsibilities, it goes much farther than swinging your hands wildly in the air.  Those gestures actually have meaning and the conductor also incorporates his eyes and eye contact into the communication as well.  Now, controlling a piece of hardware or software with only the hands has its own set of challenges.  For one, each gesture must be defined down to a science; there cannot be any leeway in what the actual meaning of a gesture is.

The next difficult challenge is determining how to do this in three dimensions.  On a flat two dimensional surface you may only have to deal with up, down, left and right – but that third dimension adds an entirely new geometric circumstance to deal with.  Moves can now be translated from one axis to another, or perhaps in a diagonal motion.  Circular motions are now spherical or cylindrical, and the list goes on and on.  Once this language is actually translated, the work can begin here.