April 30, 2013

RoughTrade, for Musical Delights

In the past, a trip to the music store was strictly that – a quick browse through the aisles for music that you wanted to listen to.  At times, these stores were smart enough to include headphones and devices that would allow you to sample new music.  The problem is that when CD stores tried to implement this idea, it left customers with a slight problem.  They wanted to listen to some obscure CD that was still shrink wrapped – but the store wasn’t very cool with them opening it just to sample the song.  Trace that back maybe twenty years or so and this problem was nonexistent with records.

In fact, it was encouraged that records could be sampled before they were purchased or picked up from the shop.  Some record and music stores are trying to reunite this idea of the store being a play store rather than just a pick and browse store.  Some are even bringing in some instruments for their customers to play with, mainly synthesizers.  The first time anyone dabbles with a synthesizer it can be menacing, since they have no idea what is going on.  Buying one is even less likely if they don’t get to try it out first.