April 30, 2013

Google Glass Ensemble: Viola Composition Made in Glass Videos

There are few cameras out there that can give you what the GoPro does.  At its most recent release, it comes in a smaller more compact size that was made to make navigation simple, without dealing with too many screen options.  Not only does the size make it desirable, it is the fact that it can be mounted in so many ways that makes it slightly better than the rest of the options out there that share its size.  The only issue with the mounting system is that it is still difficult to mount to the body – and even if you figure it out, you look ridiculous in the process.

Google glass has simplified the idea, hoping to compress the camera into the size of a pair of glasses.  With this type of system, the camera should feel like an extension of the body rather than a vestigial organ that shakes when you shake.  Music lovers and performers will get a kick out of these because it gives you a chance to understand what it is like in first person, rather than the third person perspective that we are all used to.  What’s the catch?  The catch is that you’re already on a long waiting list of those who want to try them.