April 30, 2013

Live 9 Update Fixes Bugs, Addresses Indexing Issues

Before any type of software is ever released to the public, it has to go through the scrutiny of individuals as well as the developers who worked tirelessly to create it.  The problem is that software which is meant to run on a machine almost never does so under the same circumstances.  Most software is designed to run at an optimal level, but will still survive with the minimum required settings.  This is really only the baseline test that they can verify – the software will eventually run into other problems that need to be fixed and worked out.

Many times, software is released to beta testers who are usually eager candidate who want first dibs at the new trial of software – but can they really be counted on to do their job of sorting the good and the bad within software?  Most of these people have little to no experience with software development, so how can they really know what to look for?  Then there is the issue of actually releasing the software to a bigger crowd; there are bound to be even more issued to work out.  Let’s just say that no matter how complex and developed Ableton 9 is, there are bound to be issues.