May 5, 2013

Quickstand Portable Projector Screen Review

Flat panel LED displays are becoming so common that even those with very low income can afford to make such a purchase.  Before the use of LEDs and Plasma was perfected – regular cathode ray tubes were the only option when going big.  They were bulky, heavy, and typically took more than one man to carry them across the room.  If you wanted to go bigger you literally needed to have a squared amount of these cubes packed together in some ungodly formation.  At that time, projectors were also in their infancy and were either costly, hard to maintain, or both.

Now that flat panel LED screens are so common, we have figured out that it doesn’t require three men to lift a 50 inch flat screen TV in the room – but that doesn’t make them portable either.  The next generation of projectors might be a better option.  Projectors have gotten smaller and lighter, but a large enough area to display the view is hard to come across as well.  Luckily, these screens do not need to be thick in order to work, and they can be completely portable as well.  Becoming a video DJ is now is more realistic than it has ever been.