May 5, 2013

Beats By Dre Pro Headphones

If you are in the market for a new pair of headphones, you are likely caught between the crossfire of decisions marinating in your head.  Like everyone else, you want it all.  It sounds greedy, but it is natural for any of us to want the best of all things rather than the best of only a few things.  This is why we have SUV’s that can handle well, and small gas efficient cars that can hold as much gear as a small van.  Headphones have many areas they have to live up to.  Price is still a large factor, but for many DJs headphones can be looked at as an investment rather than a cost – so let’s ignore this for now.

They have to be stylish – yes I said it.  You care about what other think about you, even when they can’t hear the quality of audio that you are getting in your own headphones.  You don’t want to be looked at as archaic or drab, so you gravitate to well known brands that have brand appeal.  Comfort is a biggie as well.  If they don’t feel right for 10 minutes, they won’t feel very well in two hours.