May 5, 2013

Beginner’s Guide To PA Systems, Part 1: Basics

The word “PA system” is often misunderstood and is taken to mean something that it isn’t.  It is very similar to what we mean when we say RCA cables or Kleenex – we’ve given the maker of a product that product definition.  But that’s alright; there is naturally some confusion when it comes to speaker systems, as it is not just as simple as plugging in a speaker.  Today, speaker systems come in all types and varieties, and one can have an active speaker system that will suit their needs just fine – but if they want a system to be more flexible, it helps to know about speaker systems in general.

A PA system usually consists of a PA mixer as well as an amplifier in line with a speaker.  The key part here is the PA mixer.  This mixer does things similar to a DJ mixer, but it has the ability to accept many more inputs and outputs along the way.  These systems can be expensive at the initial buy, but pays off in the end once you start using it for bigger and better purposes than simple mobile DJing.  At the very least, they can be used in conjunction with a microphone.