May 5, 2013

Behringer CMD MM-1 Controller Design Contest

Behringer’s modular line of CMD controllers will likely get a bad reputation before they are even in the hands of DJs or controllerists.  Behringer doesn’t exactly have a good reputation of making original products (specifically mixers), and their price point does tell us that they are created with longevity in mind either – but we could all be wrong.  Any company who has received criticisms in the past will not be around for very long if they do nothing about it.  Because of this, Behringer has actively been getting their heads together for the next generation of DJ products.

I will say that they just judging on looks alone, these controllers look superb.  They have an all black layout with orange buttons.  It speaks for its simplicity, and the amount of design variations are actually very exhaustive.  I can think of three or four of these controllers that I could make use of, especially the ones with a sixteen button layout smack dab in the center.  The trouble is that there are few of us that will give them a chance if we’ve been burned in the past.  A company can genuinely producer a better product than before, so perhaps we should give them a chance.