May 5, 2013

MeeBlip Micro Black To Make DIY Synth Making Even Easier

One of the biggest drawbacks about custom synthesizer building is that it requires programming knowledge as well.  There are many techs out there that love the hardware side of things, but cannot stand the intangible software side.  I am one of those people.  A printed circuit board is something of a mystery to me, and even when you start learning what each part is on the board, it is hard to fathom how it all seem to work together.  It does really require a complex understanding of what each part is doing, and it also requires a great deal of math to make it all mend together.

Do it yourself custom kits for synthesizers have been on the market for a long time, but very few of them are willing to break the kit down to the bare bones, so that hackers can get a good understanding of what they are altering when they decide to include or exclude a piece from their kit.  Perhaps it is still best if one has more of a classical introduction to electronic music making before they attempt to soldier bits and pieces to a shiny new circuit board.  At the very least, they are cheap to build and therefore cheap to lose.