May 6, 2013

The Stylotar Stylophone Guitar Is Finger-Licking Nasty

The stylophone is a cleverly named instrument which sort of derives its name from the xylophone.  Beyond having a similar key layout and being somewhat percussive in nature, the two are actually completely different.  The xylophone is an analog instrument whereby tone is manufactured through the shape and size of the piece being hit, rather than any electronic means of delivery.  The “style” in stylophone actually does not come from the word “style”, but from the fact that it uses a stylus rather than mallet or some type of drumstick.  When that stylus touches a pad on the instrument, it completes a circuit and thus produces sound.

The stylotar is, well, you guess it – a stylophone based guitar.  The concept is easy to understand.  You use a similar layout as you would use on a stylophone, but situated in the neck of a guitar instead.  The real innovation behind it, is that you do not use a stylus or metal stick to complete each loop.  Individual tabs are located on each fret of the guitar to achieve the same effect.  This initial design isn’t the prettiest, but it represent a step towards an ergonomics within an electronic guitar.