May 6, 2013

Discover Music, Get Free Samples and Live Packs, Get Your Ocarina On

Nearly everyone who has heard of a musical instrument before in their lives has heard of the piano.  It is really the staple instrument by which all other instruments are judged.  It is both a percussive instrument that is capable of producing tone and dynamics, but it is basically a stringed instrument as well.  The next most common instrument is probably the guitar; both of these instruments have semblance to each other and if you can play a piano well, you only need to learn the mechanics of a guitar before you start strumming away.

Once you leave the realm of these common instruments you are shocked to see just how many “out there” instruments exist as well.  Take a look at steel drums for example.  They look like a drum but sound more like vibraphones.  Out of all the absurdly shaped instruments the ocarina comes in near the top.  It gets its design from, well, a sea shell.  But it serves as a reminder that sounds are natural, and shapes that are produced in nature would serve well to produce natural sounds.  This happens to be a MIDI device, but it definitely has some performance value that cannot be had with others.