May 6, 2013

KEF M500 Headphones

While there are many different options and configurations to look for when purchasing headphones, and beside the entire over the ear or on top of the ear debate, there seems to be really two designs for the cups themselves.  They are either completely round in shape, like the Sennheiser HD-25-II’s or they come in more of an elliptical or oval shape.  Some of them are even pill shaped.  I believe that this part of the design has more to do with looks and production techniques rather than the speaker itself, which is naturally round.  Truthfully, I think it would make more sense if headphones were produced in a shape that mimicked the ears rather than trying to fight the aural design that we were born with.

Once you decide to make cylinder shaped cans with circular edges, you automatically add bulk and size to the entire process.  Much of that space will end up being wasted space, but suffices since the shape of the ear differs from person to person.  This is why no pair of headphones will ever be the “perfect pair”, and one listener might hate the set that the next guy swears by.