May 6, 2013

A Producer’s Guide To Overcoming Writers Block

Producers suffer from a multitude of problems that many will never know or hear about, since, who wants to hear about it anyways?  Nobody likes to hear about how long a producer spent on a single drum beat, or how difficult and annoying it was to get a sample to sound just right.  Or, maybe they do.  Maybe a producer needs to succeed by hearing how others have failed.  We all have reasons that stop us from reach our fullest potential – and it all stems from the seed of self doubt that has been planted inside of us from birth.

Any type of creator knows what it is like to hit a block.  It feels like the well of creativity is no longer flowing and that any ideas created from then on need to somehow be external in nature.  The worst of all is the feeling that there is no point of trying something new, since it will never be good enough.  This is what drives writer’s block and what feeds the idea of discouragement.  Sometimes it is best to complete projects that you feel have no value, for the purpose of simply completing them.  We all compare ourselves to others, but too much of it is unhealthy.