May 6, 2013

DJWORX get a spring clean and goes responsive

I tip my hat to all of the reviewer websites out there who are not funded by the major players in the game.  There is already enough of that in the world – we don’t need fact generated by the same people who benefit from them, we need it to be independent at all times.  With that said, the reviewers need to step their game up a bit.  I realize, as a writer, that it is hard to be genuine and critical, without sounding repetitive all the time, but we should be cognisant about our actions and what we release to the internet.

The second half of this small praise has to do with how well web technology is used in their DJ review websites.  An article is not an article unless it can be criticized and examined by others – that is what gives it value in the community.  Those who are keeping up to date with their commenting systems and load times help the community out as a whole.  The last thing we need are one sided opinions that cannot be unraveled by the readership, and the readership itself is what drives the need for more thoughtful arguments and opinion.