May 7, 2013

DJ S-TRIX with Vestax

Even in the distant future, it will hard to see Vestax as anything else than one of the best mixer makers out there.  They’ve had much more time to go at it and figure out what worked and what didn’t.  People may look at Rane or Pioneer as the king of mixers, but the origins of their first mixer date much later than Vestax, and Vestax was a staple in the DJ community before other manufacturers had their foot in the door.  What makes Vestax the old man among young men is their each of their mixers are designed to fit a category, and there are more than just two categories.

Their battle mixers were stripped down of unnecessary size and bulk, given only what was essential – this means that EQ’s were made for separation of the highs and lows, while the ability to cut sound was made much more distinct than the rest.  Those who have used a Rane mixer such as the TTM-57 may have noticed that the crossfader actually fades a bit of the sound, but the cutting action on any Vestax is much more abrupt and deliberate.  Even the heavy handed PCV faders of long ago are still around and kicking.