May 7, 2013

The Meganome

I wonder where the term square came from.  I don’t mean the geometric shape or the term that gets tossed around math classes, but the term square which is given to nerds or people that live too normal of a life.  It is easy to laugh and call someone a square because their lives are quite simple and ordinary – but the square, at least in our reality, is king.  Everything is a square in some shape or form.  A house a made of six squares and so is a car.  Wallets and credit cards do not come in oval or circular shapes; there come in share or rectangle shapes – so ultimately it is the square which will win.

Controllers tend to stick to the square shape.  Why is that?  Clearly it would be much easier to deliver equal pressure to a round or finger-shaped pad, yet it is the square which usually wins on any controller deck.  I think it has to do with the way our eyes respond to shapes.  It is easier to count a group of squares that line up with each other and harder to do the same with circles.   Mononomes and other devices that only use squares are smart; it helps us organize.