The Unique Geek

The Unique Geek
April 14, 2011

What the Mobile Studio Could Do for You

So, what’s the purpose of a mobile studio anyhow? Is it merely a huge ego-boosting vehicle on wheels that celebrates Unique Squared and its awesomeness? Well, yes – but it’s so much more than that. I’ve watched this thing grow from just a baby (a rented RV) into a full grown behemoth; this is an actual studio. You couldn’t fit the London Philharmonic in there before, but now this is a full-blown studio on wheels.

I still didn’t answer the question, though, “what’s the purpose?” Well, here’s the first clue – it’s a mobile studio. So, in essence, this will be a mobile way for Unique Squared to tour the US and record music. Then, for you, this means you’ll have a new outlet for discovering new music.

Nicki Minaj, Danger Mouse, Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj, Danger Mouse, Lil Wayne

Let’s pick just one genre – hip hop. Now, this bus will afford them folks at Unique Squared the ability to record all types of music, but in hip hop terms they’ll be able to bring us a lot of new mix tapes and recordings. The beauty of the mix tape, ultimately, is that it’s free. It’s also a great way to learn about new artists. The mix tape has been essential to launching the careers of Nicki Minaj, DJ Danger Mouse and Lil Wayne. Thus, these have become crucial for artists that aren’t being courted by the major labels in reaching out to unsuspecting new ears. Cry as you may about the downfall of the majors, lately the mix tape is the democratization of music.

Unique Squared Mobile Studio Control Room

What else can this here bus do for you if you’ll never step foot on it and record your own band? I dunno – why is everything always about you anyways? But seriously folks, the Unique Squared Mobile Studio (henceforth referred to as “USMS”) will also give you a more personal look into the inner sanctum. If you are an aspiring producer, for instance, take a look at all of the images that will be found on the page for the USMS. Here you’ll see how simplistic of a setup you can have in capturing and creating music. In the control room you’ll find a Pro Tools 9 rig consisting of a Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 mixer & i/o, M-Audio DSM2 monitors and a ton of cables. That’s not very daunting as opposed to sitting behind some console with a gazillion faders and knobs. If you look around the USMS, you’ll see you could record a full band in real time (not overdubbing over and over like most do in the bedroom studio) with not much real estate.

Pro Tools 9, Hard Drive

The more you log on the site, the more familiar you’ll become with the components of, and feel for what happens in a studio. I think it also promotes the idea of people sitting around and hashing out some music and then going back later to edit it down. Having a studio space allows for people to just wing it, musically, and see what happens. As a result of just letting Pro Tools sit in ‘record’ and seeing what comes of it will make for some (dare I say) unique and exciting moments. I, personally, could stand to do this myself. Too often we act like the hard drive is some precious object that we must capture content with carefully.

The USMS will bring us more videos so that we can learn about new products or how to work existing products. We’ll get a look at some up-and-coming artists. But, in the end, I like the spirit of what the Unique Squared Mobile Studio can do over time – bring some musicians together, press record and see what happens.

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  1. Josh says:

    Folsom Prison Blues. I would love to metal this up but keep the country swing feel with the bass line.

    1. Josh says:

      OK, so I completely misread the FB post. Oops! To make up for it, I posted an original from my band that I’d record below. Sorry

    1. Sean says:

      this is an original by me, so many other great songs though aswell, enjoy!

  2. Contempt would tear up the mobile studio if given the chance, or not, they still tear it up. Favorite local band of all time. . . Lots more of them on the way, these are only my first recordings, the next batch is gonna be only sweeter. =) Enjoy!

  3. Ayarkay (Sebastien Roy) says:

    What’s up Unique Squared! I’m mesmerized… The Mobile Studio is basically paradise on wheels!

    Anyways here’s my submission for the Fan-Tastic Friday. It’s a psybient song I made using Pro-Tools a few months ago. Redoing this using the Mobile Studio would be out of this world, considering I know a lot more about Pro-Tools now than I did when I made this song, especially using Pro-Tools 9 which I have yet to try.

  4. Think you guys could handle a reggae/dub/metal band? My band would be down for recording on the USMS.

    (It’s an unreleased track so I don’t have a soundcloud link. You can check out our myspace at

    I love the simplicity of this set-up it would be fun to set up a band and just jam in there!

  5. Here’s my original song entry into the contest!

  6. Dave Rose says:

    This is my tune I’d record on there!

  7. Jarrod Moore says:

    Checked this out from the Facebook post, and thought it’d be fun to share this.
    This is a writing session in my garage. We can’t be loud there so we use the v-drums and a headphone amp. Decided to use a little creative ingenuity this time. Vocals, guitar, bass and V-drum console sent directly to a cheap 4-channel mixer (where the actual mix is set). Main out on the mixer to headphone amp. One of the outs on the headphone amp to my interface (using a cable I bought from Unique Squared of course) and into my DAW. Video on a crappy old digital camera. Mastered the track, then synced it up with video. So while all of my neighbors were just hearing one dude yelling wailing away like a madman, we heard this:

    1. Jarrod Moore says:

      I guess I should add that I picked this one, and it’s a fun song that would be fun to record on the fly.

  8. It will make me feel like I died and gone 2 heaven !!!!

  9. Joel says:

    I recorded this song in a hotel room with my mobile studio setup!!

  10. Josh says:

    Here’s my real entry in the contest. This is my band Rev 3.

    You can can check us out at

  11. Matthew C. says:

    This is an Original Song that i recorded, I also Produced the Beat, didnt have alot of time to mix it or anything real well, but i hope everyone enjoys it. Thanks. Its called “All My Dreams” Check it out.

  12. Tyler Linke says:

    This is an original song I made and produced the beat. Wasn’t mixed yet cuz we made it yesterday. Enjoy

  13. Mueggetron says:

    scratch that above one. My own beats! i see.. lol

    well this is what i would record on that beast.

    The name of it is Metallic Eardrums

  14. If I had the chance to be in that mobile studio for a couple of hours, I think I’d enjoy re-mastering this song of mine..
    Enjoy and thanks !

  15. Jason J says:

    This is a horrible recording but thats why I’d need to use the bus!!

  16. Troy V says:

    here is my tune!
    enjoy if you like electronic/dance/alternative fusions

  17. David Neale says:

    One day Ill have a mobile studio

  18. Broden Penna says:

    here’s a little song I wrote about when I took down a Terminator. true story. it’s my band Soundhole the son is Motor Driven Mean Machine! hope it wins cause it’s awesome. lol! enjoy!